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U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols - USA

U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols – USA Army

U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols : Today in this post we are discussing about U.S. Army ranks and their symbols. The US Army is one of the most powerful armies in the world and is also at the forefront of technology. there are so many ranks in the us army, Let’s discuss one by one.

U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols

 No Insignia

Soldier is awarded this rank during basic training. This is the lowest enlisted rank in the U.S. Army and this rank does not carry any insignia.

(pay Grade- E1)

Private Second Class

After completing the basic training, the soldier gets the rank of private second class, although within 1 year he is promoted to private first class. (pay Grade- E2)

Private First Class

(pay Grade- E3)

Specialist (SPC )

you’ll notice the E-4 next to each of them. this is referring to their pay grade. specialists are generally put in charge of lower ranked enlisted soldiers and they have less responsibility than the corporal. (pay Grade- E4)


U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols

Corporal is E-4 rank in the U.S. Army. Corporal and specialist share the same pay grade. A corporal is a non-commissioned officer and directs the activities of other soldiers. Corporal has more responsibility than specialist. This first lowest grade rank of non-commissioned officer. (pay Grade- E4)


Sergeant is E-5 rank in the U.S. army. There are several ranks of sergeant in the US Army, the lowest of which holds the title of sergeant and this is the second lowest grade of non-commissioned officer. (pay Grade- E5)

Staff Sergeant (SSG)


Staff Sergeant is E-6 Rank in the U.S. Army. The staff sergeant has similar duties as a normal sergeant, although he is in contact with a large amount of soldier and sometimes plays the role of platoon sergeants in the absence of Sergeant First Class. (pay Grade- E6)

Sergeant First Class

Sergeant first class is E-7 rank in the U.S. Army. This rank is given to those soldiers who have military experience of 15 to 18 years and is the first non commissioned officer rank designated as a senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO). (pay Grade- E7)

Master Sergeant

Master sergeant is E-8 Rank in the U.S. Army. the master sergeant is considered as the principal non-commissioned officer at the battalion level. (pay Grade- E8)

First Sergeant

the first sergeant’s role is generally for discipline and counselling of the soldiers in his unit. (pay Grade- E8)

Sergeant Major

the sergeant major’s role is the chief administrative assistant for any army headquarters. (pay Grade- E9)

Command Sergeant Major

the command sergeant major is the enlisted adviser to the commanding officer. (pay Grade- E9)

Sergeant Major Of The Army


There is only one Sergeant Major of the entire army and he serves as the senior enlisted adviser and consults the chief of staff of the army. (pay Grade- E9)

Warrant officer 1

warrant officers are known as the adaptive technical experts combat leaders trainers and advisers. (pay Grade- WO-1)

Warrant officer 2

(pay Grade- CW-2)


Chief Warrant officer 3

(pay Grade- CW-3)


Chief Warrant officer 4

(pay Grade- CW-4)

Chief Warrant officer 5

(pay Grade- CW-5)


Second Lieutenant

second lieutenant this is the entry-level rank for the majority of commissioned officers in the army. (pay Grade:  0-1)


First Lieutenant

The rank of first lieutenant is given to an officer who has served 18 to 24 months in the army. (pay Grade:  0-2)



Captain usually placed in charge of a company. (pay Grade:  0-3)



Major rank officer is known as field grade officer and they’ll serve as a primary staff officer for the brigade. (pay Grade:  0-4)

Lieutenant Colonel

A Lieutenant Colonel rank officer commands a battalion size unit. (pay Grade:  0-5)



Colonel is the most senior field grade military officer rank in the U.S. Army. (pay Grade:  0-6)


Brigadier General

they serve as the deputy commander to the commanding general for army divisions. (pay Grade:  0-7)

Major General

they’ll typically command a division unit. (pay Grade:  0-8)


Lieutenant General

their main job typically consists of commanding corps size units. (pay Grade:  0-9)



general at this rank they command all operations that fall under their geographical area. (pay Grade:  0-10)


General Of The Army

This is a five star general officer rank in the U.S. Army. (pay Grade:  0-10)