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How To Become A Pilot In The U.S. Air Force

To become a pilot in Airforce, first you must have a college degree, you must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree from any recognized university or at least you must have 90 credit hours to be eligible. there is a question in the mind of people whether to become a pilot there is a need to major in any specific thing, the answer to this question is no.

To become a pilot in the US Air Force, you must first be a US citizen and in addition you must be between 18 and 33 years of age.

Age Limit

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Every pilot in the US Airforce is required to go through a Single Scope Background Check which allows them to obtain a top secret clearance. To join the US Air Force, your background is checked because it is very important and through this the US Air Force checks whatever work you have done in your past because to hand over the keys of a million dollar plane

You must be healthy to join the US Air Force and you must first undergo a physical assessment to be selected. Many people think that it is necessary to have a certain height to join the US Air Force but this is not true at all. If you are tall or short, you can join the US Air Force.

Medical/Physical Requirements

You will have to undergo a medical test, be prepared in advance and try to keep yourself fit as much as possible.

Medical Test

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If you meet all the basic requirements above, your next target will be to get commissioned as an officer in the US Air Force. You only have three ways to do this.

Become An Officer In The U.S. Air Force

As part of your OTS application and also before you graduate from the academy in ROTC You will have to appear in the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) in TBAS. the AFOQT which you can think of as the air force’s version of the sat . The marks in this test will determine which career areas of Air Force you are qualified for and you will need to score high if you want to become a pilot in the Airforce.


When you are selected for pilot training in Air Force, first of all you are given initial training which is called IFT i.e. Initial flight Training. Under this program, you will have to fly about 20 hours in Pueblo Colorado for 40 days.

initial flight training (IFT)

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Let me tell you that the entire pilot training is divided into three different phases