Movie name : Thor  Love and Thunder

Director NameTaika Waititi Writers name : Taika Waititi,Jennifer Kaytin Robinson & Stan Lee

Stars name : Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman & Christian Bale

Thor  Love and Thunder Review

Waititi delivered on all counts in Thor: Ragnarok while maintaining his personal voice. Love and Thunder has moments of velocity but doesn't soar despite being filled with the same eccentricity as Thor. The fact that Thor: Love and Thunder's numerous moving elements don't mesh together organically, however, is the bigger issue.

Taika Waititi’s Thor, who takes the fun and games that he began with Ragnarok one step further to reinvent the God of Thunder as no other Marvel character. That Waititi gets away with the most part is because of Hemsworth’s ridiculously easy charm, in that ridiculously easy-on-the-eye body, which he delivers with ridiculous ease.

Love and Thunder is enjoyable if not compared to Ragnarok. There are classic Thor moments, as well as larger-than-life action sequences. Let's hope the next Thor film feels more organic and wholesome than just a stopover to make a quick buck for Marvel's executives.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is not nearly as entertaining as Thor: Love And Thunder. However, the fashion is reaching its saturation point and needs to be reshaped for the future. Regardless of reviews, you cannot miss this, so watch it now.

With God and Goddess of Thunder and Gorr in tow, Love and Thunder ventures into uncharted territory, yet it falls short of expectations. Convenience is the sole theme of the movie.