Flight Path

Top 10 Reasons To Join the U.S. Air Force

Diverse Career Field

Kick Start Your Career

out there who may not know what they want to do in their life I was actually that kid in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do but I figured hey the Air Force will give me an opportunity to learn a trade continue my education and set me up for success.

The military is one of those organizations that will pretty much operate independently of any fluctuations going on within the economy. it’s not like the private sector where you could literally wake up during a recession and be out of work when you join the airforce you will sign a service commitment meaning that. for the length of time you sign for you’re locked and locked in.

Job Security

Flight Path

I always say you shouldn’t go into the Air Force to get rich the pay is definitely not bad at all one of the biggest benefits I can think of is knowing that every two weeks you’re going to get a paycheck deposited directly into your bank account no matter what. now on top of that the Air Force also gives everyone an allowance for housing food and other necessities

The Paycheck

you really do get more way more than just a paycheck for active-duty members you will pay nothing out of pocket for any type of health care this includes medical dental or health care issues that may arise when you’re on vacation or traveling overseas

The Benefits

another huge benefit available and that is the tuition assistance and GI Bill benefits available to every airman to help continue their education. we all know that college is expensive and not everyone’s able to afford it coming right out of high school. the TA ( tuition assistance program ) pays up to forty five hundred dollars of yearly tuition

Education / GI Benefits


all active-duty service members will receive 30 days of paid vacation or leave per year. in fact the way it works is you accrue two and a half days of leave every month in which you can use at any time. now it’s important to note that these 30 days are in addition to most weekends federal holidays and other family days

well another huge benefit is the space a travel program. this allows military members and their families to fly at no cost on a military aircraft to a destination. the Air Force has bases all around the world and are flying to them constantly. this program lets you sign up for a seat on the plane to travel to wherever the aircraft is going.

Space- A Travel Program