U.S. Army Ranks And Symbols – USA Army

Soldier is awarded this rank during basic training. This is the lowest enlisted rank in the U.S. Army and this rank does not carry any insignia.

1-No Insignia

Private Second Class

After completing the basic training, the soldier gets the rank of private second class, although within 1 year he is promoted to private first class.

Private First Class

(pay Grade- E3)

Specialist (SPC )

Title you’ll notice the E-4 next to each of them. this is referring to their pay grade. specialists are generally put in charge of lower ranked enlisted soldiers and they have less responsibility than the corporal. (pay Grade- E4)3


Corporal is E-4 rank in the U.S. Army. Corporal and specialist share the same pay grade. A corporal is a non-commissioned officer and directs the activities of other soldiers. Corporal has more responsibility than specialist. This first lowest grade rank of non-commissioned officer. (pay Grade- E4)


Sergeant is E-5 rank in the U.S. army. There are several ranks of sergeant in the US Army, the lowest of which holds the title of sergeant and this is the second lowest grade of non-commissioned officer. (pay Grade- E5)